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Eyes Behind Belligerence

Eyes Behind Belligerence - K.P. Kollenborn What were the main relationships explored in this book? Culture. No matter what is said, a different culture within the majority doesn't always sit well and this book explores Japanese-American relations in ways I have never seen. The last time I saw it in this much detail was during the Okinawa rape case in 1995.

3 things I liked about the book … It was well-researched, historical fiction is never easy because large parts of it are based on fact and the author did a fantastic job at blending fact and fiction. Second thing I liked was the way she used so many different characters. I had to keep checking the list in front to make sure I understood everything. Lastly, it was her writing. She described every scene as if it was a water colour painting and sometimes you forget that the book was about war.

Favourite character(s) … Goro. At times his self-doubt is passed on to the reader and you feel his pain.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.